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We can express our areas of expertise with the following headings.

Business and Finance Translation

Business language often differs from the norm. Our experts know the ins and outs of international business, providing a universal resource for your company.

IT Translation

Technological terms can be a challenge, but the right translation can ensure that everything from technical guides to marketing material is in perfect form.

Legal Translation

Navigate legalese with ease with professional translations from GlocalTones. From contracts to research, we can guarantee exact and accurate legal translations.

Life Sciences Translation

Scientific terms can be a struggle to understand in any language, but we can ensure content that will meet your every translation need.

Travel and Tourism Translation

Paint a stunning picture of every corner of the world with professional translations designed to capture the flavor of both the modern and ancient cultures.

Marketing Translation

When you want your blog posts, articles, social media posts, and video content to shine, we can help add the creative, unique spin your marketing material deserves.

E-learning and Education Translation

The art of teaching requires great language skills. Whether you’re translating promotional material, articles, or textbooks, our experts are here to assist.

Oil and Gas Translation

A thriving and high-demand industry around the globe, our expertise and specialized skills can assist you in communicating objectives within the oil and gas market.

Consumer Electronics Translation

Speak with confidence about the most popular gadgets, from smartphones to tablets. Whether you’re focused on manufacturing or marketing, we have you covered.

Automotive Translation

When you want to send a message from behind the wheel, we can help you communicate clearly and professionally about all aspects of automotive operations.

Games Translation

From phone apps to console games, video entertainment is a multi-billion dollar industry. We are here to help you speak with confidence, from reviews to marketing copy.

Entertainment Translation

Whether you’re a fan of movies, books, music, or television, our industry experts can help you craft high quality content focused across the entertainment spectrum.

Agriculture Translation

Excelling in agriculture requires niche knowledge behind the science of farming. When you want to send a message that sticks, our agriculture specialists can help you find your mark.

Electronics Translation

The ins and outs of technology can be easily lost in translation. With our help, you can create compelling copy about any electronic product or process.

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